Responsible gambling

Very important for responsible gambling is to have the right mindset when you gamble. A couple of important things to keep in mind are:

Don’t gamble to make money!
You should always see gambling as a form of entertainment. The chances of you getting rich with gambling are slim to none! Start your gambling session with the mindset that the money you deposited is lost!

Don’t chase your losses!
It is likely that you lose the money you deposit! Keep in mind that the casinos always have a advantage over the players. With this in mind it is never a good idea to try and win back your money, this is not how gambling works!

Know when to play!
If you lose for a longer period of time (cold run) then it might be the best idea to take a break from gambling! If you are in a frustrated mood then I would advise also not to gamble because its more likely your emotions take over! But the most important part is to only gamble with the funds you are able to lose! If you are short on cash, DO NOT PLAY!

Set a limit
For every session, week, month or even year I would advise to set you loss (and win) limits. More important than setting limits is sticking to these limits. If you lose your money then stop playing!

Talk about your gambling habits
It is important to talk to others about your gambling. Not only the good experiences but also the bad! If you struggle then please talk about it. I and our community is there to help, please allow us to do so!